Workflow and Codec

I am new to all of this and trying to determine the best workflow and video output for VOD. In the reading I’ve done so far it is recommended not to use H264 but rather DNxHD, 10 bit.

Regarding the workflow, is it best to render the final directly from Unreal? Or to do everything in either jpg or png sequence to Da Vinci Resolve or similar compositing application? With Da Vinci Resolve 16 I notice many export options. With Unreal it seems limited on the types of compressed render with no control over codec.

Although I am working by myself now, the idea is to eventually work with a small team. Therefore, it is also important to have several people working on the same project at the same time. Which makes me think that everything should be done within Unreal.

I’m open to ideas. Just trying to understand the workflow before I dive in and learn the detailed and specific things for filmmaking. I’m beginning with animated filmmaking but eventually like the idea of real actors.

The following are small samples that seem to have some choppy video. Caputured and rendered in 24fps. The H264 codec seems to be a little smoother and it took a fraction of the time to upload and process on YouTube. I wonder if I have to slow the camera down, or if there is another setting I should be using. It seems like I should be able to run the camera at this speed or faster with no problems.

Just looking for any feedback or tips. Thank you in advance.

H264 Codec

DNxHD Codec

if you want to maintain quality, export to PNG or higher (EXR) is better, because you will compress it after it’s put together in premiere or something
if you start with h264 / prores exports it’s compressed out the gate, then anything you make with the video after that will compress it even further