Workaround for the Sound Visualisation Plugin for packaged projects

Made a small workaround to get the functionality of the plugin working for packaged projects.
Not the best solution, but it’s working.

Sorry for my sloppy english (:

Correction: The added “-1” for the array index is wrong. It’s correct without it, because it starts at 0.00.

Based on the Audio Visualisation Tutorial by Scott McCutchen: Unreal 4 Audio Visualization with Blueprints Tutorial - YouTube
Additional functions of Victory Plugin by Rama: (39) Rama's Extra Blueprint Nodes for You as a Plugin, No C++ Required! - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums!

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I haven’t had the time to go through this yet, but assuming it works, it’s a pretty big deal. Thanks for the effort!

Hope it fits you :slight_smile:
Another correction: For the Frequency Array Index, don’t use the delay. Use a timer that’s increasing the time (/ Index) like this:
Else it will be incorrect at the end of the song.

Hi KrautPotato,
The video you posted is un-viewable because Youtube says it is set to “Private”.
I would really appreciate finding out how to Package my Visualizer project, because I have worked 6+ months on mine and I just want to publish it so badly!

I would like to be able to package an audio visualizer project of my own.

Could you please change the privacy settings of the video?
I’m sure a lot of people would greatly appreciate being able to package it.

Well, you could just use my reworked Sound Visualization Plugin. You can package it and the Function for getting the Spectrum is reworked so you can actually
use the results :stuck_out_tongue: Instruction etc can be found in the linked thread.

Thank you!

Why are the answers all blocked?? I worked for months on a talking Genie with this plugin, just to discover that it doesnt work in packaged project… Blocking stuff and not sharing is not The Ue4 style as I know…