Work with steam API

Is there a tutorial to work with the steam api? Or could someone say me how to catch the players id in blueprint ? :slight_smile:

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The Online Subsytem is not documented and am prety sure i read somewhere that its not accessable by Blueprints out of the box ether.

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I’d give Josh M. a chance to see your post before thinking the worst.

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The only aspects of the online subsystem (OSS) that have been exposed to Blueprints so far are achievements and leaderboards, and they will only work on a platform where login is automatic (no part of the identity interface is exposed yet). This is something we hope to improve in the future, but for right now you’ll have to use C++ to use most of the OSS.

ShooterGame is probably the best example on how different aspects of the online subsystem work in C++.

Michael Noland

Okay thank you. So is it a good idea to bind players info on the steam id? I never worked with steam id so… :smiley:

Not sure what you mean by bind. Both literally and figuratively I would associate a player with their id. The Steam OSS already does this for you throughout the game. If you choose Steam as your default platform, then the UniqueId value on the APlayerState will contain the Steam ID under the hood. You should consider that value opaque though. There is a ToDebugString() for displaying the information in a friendly way.

Steam already considers itself logged in at startup, and you can use the identity interface to get your id from GetUniquePlayerId(ControllerId). While it may always be 0, you should make the effort to get the ULocalPlayer from the APlayerController and then use the ControllerId value here. Splitscreen isn’t common on PC, but with Big Picture mode and Steam controllers on the way you don’t really want to go back and untangle hard coded zeroes everywhere.

To really make use of all of this in a multiplayer environment, you need to deal with the session interface. As Michael said, Shootergame does demonstrate this functionality.

While Steam isn’t setup with Blueprints yet, what else can I help you with?

I searched for the shooter game. And all I find was FPS Example in the marketplace. Is this it? Because I remember there was another … :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help and support :slight_smile:

Thanks for this info Josh!

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Here is a video on how to get the Steam Player ID via blueprints if that helps.

You can find the plugin here. It also gives you more nodes for different things you can do with Steam