Work on one project with several people

I want to work with several people on the same project. How do I share it? Is there a special system, or should I just put it into my Dropbox to sync it between all of us?


Hi Zero,

You should look into a revision control system. Subversion, Git, Perforce…there’s a very long list. They allow you to check-in changes and allow merging and diffing versions submitted by different users. Never use a system that doesn’t allow you to revert, or go back in time when working with other people or even by yourself. It will be totally unworkable with tons of people changing things with no method of diffing versions to see who changed what/why/when.

We have an integration in the editor with Subversion and Perforce. Internally we use Perforce and they allow I think a team up to 10-20 users to use their free version. It handles binary files very well, and is pretty pervasive for that reason throughout the game industry.

Nick (Epic Games)