Work on better user-experiance


So I’m having trouble working out how to put an outline on an object with custom render depth to show it’s selected, and yes I know there and tutorials out there and I’ve done them before, but now I can’t remember how to do it or find the right tutorial. Basically the User experience of trying to put an outline on an object is horrible.

Basically I’ve wasted an hour on this problem even though I’ve done it in the past, even though I’ve got a working example of it, it’s an experience kind of like loosing your keys and then it gets so late that you don’t even care and just give up on going to the party (or having a game feature). So many basic features like this are a headache hidden behind obscure names and buried is the bottom of some details panel. Please sit some game developers down who haven’t used experience with these features and time how long it takes them to work it out.

It’s just so horrible and tedious, soooo bad. Half the tutorials are wrong or out of date, I mean wow, this is just disgusting. What are we going to do? Just move to another engine one day because it’s quicker that dredging through all the old out of date YouTube videos.

Cool thanks you win, this is like the Dark Souls of game engines or something. And all the materials and options to create the custom depth outline are scattered throughout a dozen different panels options and windows with different ways to get to them.

I agree, we need a better User experience. A drugtest would be nice! It should prevent people from launching the engine or commenting on the forums when they are still stoned from the last party.

By all seriousness, UE4s has many flaws that can be criticized, and improved upon, a lot of stuff could need some more in depth documentation - but double post complaining about spending a hour (which is nothing for a serious problem) on something where are Content examples, Marketplace Items and countless Tutorials available feels a little over the top. At Unity you could download a Outline Shader, at UE4 you can do the same, I doubt another Engine will be the solution.

I don’t think this is an issue related to UX, and if you already have an example that does what you want I don’t see why you can’t figure out how it works

There are outline post process material in content examples, which is really easy to add to project and edit, even i managed to edit the material to fit my requirements. Also there are few tutorials on the topic and martketplace asset.

So far my user experiances were overwhelmingly positive, including the one, where I was also trying to put an outline on an object. It was unforgettable. But there is a point about learning resources. While this playlist]( is probably one of the best begginer-friendly things out there, it would be nice to have a sticky thread in each forum section with relevant tutorials, that lie outside of basic engine introduction scope.

Come on, really now? I mean, searching for “ue4 outline” on google brings up this one as first non-video result:

You can download the material there. You can click on other Outline tutorials (for non-multicolor version) on the bottom of the page. Tom explains how this works and how to use it.

In the content examples there is a sample outline material. Just copy it and use it. Yeah, in that case you should know what to do (set the rendercustomdepth checkbox and add the materials to postprocess blendables).

Also, switch engines because of that? I mean, i tried to get a outline effect on another engine starting with a “U” in the past, and apart from an asset on the marketplace for i think around 50$ i found some custom shaders that should do it; And none of them even compiled correctly. Talking about UX.

Ok, I’m wrong and everybody else is right. There was a problem with my highlight material probably because it had been migrated from some old version of content examples. IDK why my post process volume doesn’t seem to be in the outliner, I remember I made it global or something, but I don’t have to worry about that right now.

I just don’t think something like this should even need a tutorial to be done, I think there should be some sort of debug draw outline that could be used in prototypes, jams and debugging. I’d really like epic to record how far the mouse goes and how many different menus need to be accessed in order to create features like this or something.

What I’d really like is for epic to record game developers and target areas where they get stuck and make those hurdles a little easier to jump.