Work involving C++ / Blueprint creation interactivity.

So, I’ll be a bit forward. I created a game called KaiBear: KaiPets for an Android only platform. It made some money in China and Korea and it’s a bit complicated without a doubt.

I also know how to use youtube… I can create blueprints that utilize character movement, weapon changes, objectives and inventory. This is all fairly simplistic. (I’ve recently changed over to this engine four days ago…)

This is me testing the waters. I previously used Unity as an engine for something I am working on and I’d like to see the prices for entrepreneurs using this engine.

Consider this post as an “interview” of sorts; I’d like to pay someone that has extensive knowledge of the engine and it would be VERY Beneficial if they have information on Unreal’s ReplicationGraph programming.

It will be a paid interview. 30 Dollars an hour.