work in progress

Perfecting the NPCs. As the vid says killing them isn’t the point of the game, there’s a real threat that’s being perfected, muha.

looks good:).

I was shocked by your video about shooting civilians. @_@;;;;;;
But I was mistaken. ^^;;;;;

I hope that you will represent ‘a deadly insidious AI’ like a real zombie.

The machine gun effect is very good! ^^

awesome to finally see some footage.

it looks real good.its been worth the wait.

It’s the code I can suddenly make it do what I want, most of the time, heh. It used to be irritating symbols. Now the flows and nuances aren’t unlike artwork so I’m enjoying it, when before never in a billion years. Lot of re-writing, correcting old mistakes. Shame UTscript has become redundant, but probably C++ is as much fun - ffs did I say ‘fun’ and ‘code’ in the same sentence, XD

Weird I actually felt guilty about civilians, in GTA I don’t think twice. I’m perfecting them and code-wise they’re parallels with monsters, even game code. No zombies, initially yes, but I’m working on another type of peril for co-op multi.

its strange how that happens,and a great feeling too.most times now I open context long before still far from being a master though.

its a brave new(redundant) world.

edit:if your already looking at multiplayer,youre ahead of me.good on ya.