Work in Progress: Project Teddy

Here is some cool stuff i have been working on in UE4.

The Concept revolves around an ethereal dream world with gameplay similar to Zelda or the Team Ico games. Graphically I’m hoping to get it similar in quality to an early PS3 game.

EDIT: 4 image limit?

This is a Blueprint that controls double doors with locks. The Doors can be locked and unlocked. and opened and closed The Meshes can also be swapped out.

This is the logic for my teleport pads. The Pads can be locked and unlocked by any other process in the level. When they are activated you can teleport back and forth between the two destinations. added some cool particle effects for when the pads are used.

This is a pressure pad that the user can step on to activate any event in the level. There is a Boolean Variable that can be set to determine if the pad needs consistent pressure in order to stay active or if the user on has to step on it one time.

Nice work! I´ll try to level down the ilumination on the exterior zone to create more drama.
Anyway quite nice.:slight_smile:

Looks nice and that camera setup is sweet, makes it look all miniature :slight_smile:

I see no teddy bears in it :frowning: slightly sad.