Work in progress [Level Editing]

This is my first post. I’m currently working on a 1v1 map for my class Level Editing, the map can also be used with more than 2 players but can get crowded when more than 5 players are playing.
What do you guys think?

There are some simple textures and no in-depth game assets, just the block-out and some game features like lifts and weapon-pads.
I also have an idea for the panels I’ll use ( needs to be sci-fi panels ) but it’s a very early sketch.

EDIT [1]
Map has been adjusted after feedback sessions.
+Added height elements
+Added new blocks
-Deleted some weapons for more balance
*Improved reflections
*Redid spawnpoints

Made floor and wall sci-fi panel
+Added normal and occlusion + cavity

*Improved the added toplevel
*Made center more open