Work In Progress- House


Here is a project that I have been working on. This was on older arch-viz project that I did. Originally still rendered with Maxwell Render. And a fly around rendered with Cycles.

I am using it as a learning tool for Unreal Engine. Lots of things to fine tune and work on. The animation needs refined. Some parts move way to fast. And it is a bit drawn out at the moment.

I need to eliminate a lot of landscape and figure out how to incorporate a 360 background to save resources. Play back is a bit clunky on my GTX 970.

The interactive playback at the end of the cinematic moves way too fast.


Ok, I will press on.

Looks great! There are certainly a few points to improve on, but it is overall very clean and well-organized.

The wall texture at 1:50 has some big tiling problems. The sliding door is very nice and smooth - I know that can be a big thing to make happen. I personally like the landscape background. Maybe you just need to find a way to have less polys in the non-important part of the scene. Fire is one of the most difficult things to get right in 3D. Your fireplace looks very nice and refined, but the fire itself needs some love.

In terms of the presentation, I would like to see the video be half as long. As a viewer, I was confused about how the rooms related to one another. The shot around the exterior of the house was nice, but it was way too long. Editing the video to music will help with pacing.

Your models look great and detailed. For some shots (kitchen in particular) it would be nice to get some close up shots of some of the finishes and details. This would help you to vary your shots, too.

EDIT: I thought there was no audio, but it turns out my PC speakers aren’t working…

Hi and Thanks for the input…

Yes definitely have to work on that stone texture.

I have too much barren terrain. I have a few LOD’s set up. But I am not sure I can populate that much terrain. I have no problem rendering the project it is just play back I am worried about on a lesser machine than what I have. Like a laptop. I think most of my clients will be using laptops to present the projects to their clients.

The sliding glass door took some trial and error but I finally got it.

The fire is just the starter content fire. I messed around with the particle setting but could not achieve the look of a typical burning fire in a fireplace. I will have to keep trying.

There is no sound track yet. I have not figured out where to place it in the matinee editor or wherever it goes.

Thanks again for the feed back.


As far as I know, audio doesn’t need to go in matinee. just place an ambient sound object in your scene and assign an audio file to play from that.

Have you considered rendering everything and editing the video in a non-linear editor program? (Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Avid, etc)
This would give you more flexibility. If you’re concerned about lower-grade laptops, you could edit the video in a separate program, cut things how you want, render it to a video file, then send that video file to whoever is showcasing to the audience.

Concerning laptops. I am talking about packaging like a game so the client walk through in real time with their client. You would baciscally need a gaming laptop to do so. Thank you for the tip on the sound. I will try it.

Did you say animation using Cycles? Holy C%$P how much did that cost? I just rendered 1 frame high rez and it cost $60.00 3000x3000.

I used Render Street to render about 1000 frames with Cycles and it only cost about 250 bucks at 1280x720. what render farm did you use?

I used Render St. too. The image was 3000x3000 interior 9500 samples. It was a Bar so lots of glass bottles and glasses etc. they billed me 8 hours on their machines!

For that resolution and samples $60 is not a bad deal. :smiley: