[Work in Progress] Godlike Modern Greek Font

Hello everyone!

Producing a vast collection of new fonts for commercial or personal type of projects is my new expandatory idea for reaching video game, movie and other individual creators or teams.

Godlike Modern Greek Font is going to be my very first font package to produce.
The font is completed alright, but I intend to spend time to produce example and ideas to inspire people about its usage.

The very first picture is my thumbnail for my short font showcase called “GODS SECRET” or as they call it in Greek, “ΤΟ ΜΥΣΤΙΚΟ ΤΩΝ ΘΕΩΝ”

Being a gamer myself, I envisioned fonts’ proper usage would be in an Ancient Greek Mythology themed RPG storytelling game where you can showcase the font in Bosses name (potentially Gods), locations, animation sequences and in game dialogues.

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Hey there @dkjim-9

Love the theme in these pictures. Are you potentially creating a game alongside this package or just the font package? :smile:

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Nah, it’s only the font. (for the time being at least)

After quite a delay from my end, Godlike Modern Greek Font is finally approved and it is estimated to release the following weeks.

Here’s a few featured images.

You can also visit the link below
Gods Trial - Godlike Modern Greek Font + subs - YouTube[Short showcase clip with ENG Subtitles]