Work From Home: Using UE4 through VNC on MacOS

The UE4 editor can be used through VNC when working remotely on a Mac computer.

All Mac’s have built-in VNC support that offers several protocol variations. It’s important that you are using a client that supports the modern macOS protocol and not a legacy variant.

If you are connecting to a Mac from a Mac you can use the built in screensharing feature.

  • In Finder use Go -> Connect To Server
  • Enter vnc://MachineName.local or vnc://ip-address

As far as we know RealVNC, TightVNC, Screens and most other VNC programs do not support the modern macOS protocol. Performance may be sufficient but it will not be optimal.

If you are connecting to Mac from Windows the “Remotix” VNC program does support the modern macOS screen sharing protocol. Performance should be on par with native Mac screen sharing.

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