Work flow with macros and macro library(explain for people coming to Blueprint from Reaktor)

I decided on Unreal Engine because of blueprints macros, Coming from a Native instruments Reaktor background, thought it would be a piece of cake, was I wrong.

so this is for noobs coming from Reaktor, hopefully it saves you the three days of confusion I went through bending my understanding of macros.

In Reaktor you can make a macro anywhere, copy, paste, rename and edit. everything just opens in everything else, nodes can be copy pasted into macros from anywhere, and you just save your macros for use in other projects. Things are a bit different with Unreal.

I am a noob so please correct me if I make an error.

1- make a macro library, Because: macros made in other blueprints cant be saved as separate entities to use in other blueprints or projects(I think).
2- pick a master Blueprint: I picked a GameMode blueprint because it has access to game start events and stuff(you may be tempted to just use the base object Blueprint but you will still have to access events somehow, and the level blueprint can’t be referenced).
3- in the macro library click the big green ‘Add New’ button, and start making stuff.
4- in your master blueprint, just search in the node explorer and any of your macros will be there ready to pop in your blueprint.
5- you can duplicate your macros in the master blueprint, but keep in mind, if you click into them to edit anything, you will be teleported to the 'macro library to edit the master copy of the macro, and the changes will take place in all copies.
6- if you want to make changes to one or some of a macros copies, you must go to the macro library, duplicate the macro, then make changes.
7-In your master Blueprint, just set up references to all the other standard blueprints in your project, and plug them into your macros.

Hope this helps someone, peace.

Have you considered creating components instead?

will look into it, thanks.