work at a Civil Engineering company

It’s incorrect to say that Arch/Viz as a category of work is royalty free. The question is whether the work falls into one of the royalty exemptions listed in the EULA. Nearly all of the time with Arch/Viz, that’s the case.

If you are doing custom work for a single client, those work-for-hire fees are royalty free. If your client doesn’t commercialize the work you do for them, there’s no royalty there either. I know this is an unlikely scenario, but if you created a custom 3D building walkthrough for a client, there’s no royalty. But if your client went and sold that walkthrough on the iTunes store, there would be a royalty. I imagine this is never going to happen, but I use it to illustrate how the royalty terms work.

I know Arch Viz projects used to be royalty free.

As far as I and the department I work for are aware this is still the case.

However I recently noticed that Epic have removed this information from Unreal Engine’s website.

We are considering using UE4 in the future for interactive arch viz/ engineering VR projects which we would potentially charge external clients for. Would the company then have to pay royalty?

Thank you very much for your clearly outlined answer. It’s very helpful. As you said, I don’t think any clients would sell projects on to anyone but that’s good to know just in case.

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