Word order mistake in AnimBP Editor message(Japanese)

I have found two word order mistake in AnimBP.
One is ““variable name” に “BluePrint” という名前の変数はありません”. 
This means "There is no “BluePrint” in “variable” ".  There is a word order error.


Other one is " “from” and “から”".
In pic[2], the transition rule arrow indicates " to “JumpStart” from “Ray_AerialCombo1"”,
but the Japanese message(Jump Start からRay_AerialCombo1) indicates " to “Ray_AerialCombo1” from “JumpStart” ".

“から” means “from”, but the word order is different.

Hi Horus_Ray666,

I was able to reproduce this on my end and have entered two bug reports, one for each wording error (UE-28743 and UE-28742), to be assessed by the development staff.