Word of caution on copying files

Hello Survivors, I just wanted to throw out a word of caution on copying files and folders. I have spent all day rewriting my research and development mod mainly due to odd file linking behavior when files are copied. I went for a total rewrite to improve structure and future work flow, so I reused many of my existing assets. My new mod worked great in the editor but once cooked crashed the game. I narrowed it down to links between my old folder and new one by deleting the old one and finding it would no longer function in editor. It will appear things such as materials on meshes and inventory bps are still linked in the new folder but they are in fact not. They only way to truly test the final product is in isolation with the old version completely removed. I am in fact still testing in game.

Happy Hunting! Tom

So basically… stick to your mod folder. If you need to make a new folder… start your mod from scratch in the new folder?

pretty much…at least do not rely on the editor to troubleshoot with both folders in place if you are copying things for second versions or whatever. I never figured out what it was about my crafting structure that was crashing the game and spent so much time that I just started over on that part and got it going again. Then to test in the editor I went into the arkdevkit folder and moved the original folder onto my desktop to be sure I had no more link problems. Just wanted to give a heads up…wasted a good bit of my time.