Woohooo !!!

Just signed up for UE4. I wasn’t sure, but I thought “what the hell”, it’s gotta be fun anyway, :slight_smile:

, :smiley:

Awesome! Welcome in the community :smiley:


Welcome to the dark side of the force! :wink:

Welcome to the UE4 community polomint!! Glad to have you join the team!

I say to you hello, because i got yesterday some too.

Thanks all, :smiley: I’m having a play with UE4 now, the Landscape Mountains give me some great ideas, :smiley:

For the start those links are pretty useful:

https://www.youtube/user/UnrealDevelopmentKit/playlists (tutorials)
https://wiki.unrealengine/Main_Page (tutorials)
https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/ (the magic search bar which finds everything :D)

Thank you, I’m working my way through some tutorials atm. It seems easier to work with than when I was using unity3d. I’m not sure if that’s due to the UE4 UI or because the tutorials are much better, :smiley:


:wink: It’s because of both -> user friendly + good tutorials

:D, now to go hunting for free model packs, :smiley:

I just downloaded it and tasted some tutorials,
I say “Woohooo !!!” too.
These Blueprint stuff looks so “Woohooo !!!” too
@ll is “Woohooo !!!” so far ^^
Time to finish my creatureset…

Use the ones from the marketplace or download new meshes from those sites (but they still need some work -> so they are not “engine ready”:


Aha, thank you, I shall take a look, :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve managed to get the basics working without too many problems lol… Blueprint looks amazing (once I get the hang of it hehe)


:slight_smile: Looks good.

:wink: I think you mean that materials looks amazing -> blueprints = visual scripting

No, I meant the way that Blueprint works is amazing, :wink:

:wink: That’s true

Just a small tipp, increase the lightmap resolution on your floor, so that the shadows will look nice and not so unrealistic :wink:

When I figure out how to do that I will lol

I’m very new to anything gfx related, :slight_smile:

Duck tales Woohooo! Wait, what? (I can’t be the only one).

Welcome, polomint!