Wooden Fence-SplineEnabled [Submitted] [$5]

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This asset contains a spline based approach to wooden fencing. It includes:

  • 3 fence styles (picket, alternate picket, solid board)
  • 4 board types (square, dog eared, rounded, pointed)
  • 5 texture variants (new, dirty, old, white_new, white_old)
  • Customized picket spacing
  • Over 60 visually unique wooden fences
  • 88 triangles or less
  • $5

Video: Here

Looks good! Just a short note, I think it would be good when you add at least one “shown” picture to your thread (so that people dont have to click on all links) :wink: -> the litte image button in the bar above

I have done as you have suggested; thank you!

textures would deserve a bit more work , but $5 is a very fair price just for the blueprint system if the mesh are interchangeable with custom ones

Thank you for your critiques. Two of the textures are slightly modified EPIC Starter Content, and it is still a month from release so I will continue to improve the textures.

Yes, meshes and textures are easily interchangeable. Thank you for the interest.