Wondering how to view the complete map The Island in the dev kit

Hey guys…

When i load up “The Island” in the dev kit, all that loads is a ton of volumes and the water plane. when i play test, everything is their, but i want to copy assets from the map and i cant!

Hope this makes sense.


select all the volumes (or levels)
right click > load
wait forever if your on a “budget” computer

ryzen 7 1700x
gtx 1080 ftw
16gb 2133 ram

Not the worst but not the best either. hoping its speedy enough to produce smooth editing. so far so good.

Thanks for the reply…Angrytoilet (lol) I’ll give it a shot shortly.

Hello, agian.

So after loading 105 levels from theislandsubmaps folder not much has changed. roughly 20 minutes of loading. did i miss anything?

EDIT: not sure where my other message went to, but i had expressed appreciation for your response Angrytoilet. hope to here back from you agian.
EDIT 2: I checked out your facebook page for your company. Looks cool man. That is a massive undertaking right there.


Thanks! Undertaking, yes, hence the name of the game haha.
If you run into anything else - let me know. I dont come in the ADK forums that much anymore, but, feel free to pm me and i will get an email