Wolves and Witches: Better Light Than Never

Wolves and Witches:

Unreal Engine Challenge: Better Light Than Never - Wolves and Witches - YouTube

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Credits to sourced content:

Dog Growl - Beast / Creature
Credit: Frederick Bird - Freesound.org

Random sci-fi sounds
Credit: Patrick Corrà - Freesound.org

Supernatural Explosion
Credit: Quaker540 - Freesound.org

Free Wind Sound Effect
Credit: Quandary Productions - YouTube.com
Free Wind Sound Effect - YouTube

Credit: maycuddlepie
A Clap

Credit: [EminYILDIRIM] - Mage FireBall Skill
(Freesound - "Mage FireBall Skill" by EminYILDIRIM)

MetaHuman Created Character

bon fire niagra flipbook - M5 VFX Vol2. Fire and Flames(Niagra) (ue asset store) - JeongukChoi

Mega Scans
assets from the following collections:

  • Tundra
  • Trees: European
  • Burnt Forest

Wolf Groom & Rig
Credit: White Line - Wolf 3D Model

Credit: [Karolina Gasiorowska - Houdini particle simulations]

insert screenshot of your project (in editor)

![LumenScreenshot 2022-06-26 110648|690x372]

  • Engine version 5.0.2

This was tones of fun, thanks Epic Games for putting on the comp.
lastly, I appreciate any feedback from the community since this is my first project in unreal engine and I’m sure there are things that could have been done better. good luck to everyone for today!


Love the atmosphere and amazing particle work in Niagara!

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