Wolfenstein like plasma cutter system

Hey everyone. I’m building a game in UE4 and was looking into procedural meshes in order to build a system that allowed the user to cut holes into fences sort of like what Wolfenstein the new order has. The only problems I have with that solution is that all of the examples I’ve seen thus far slice the mesh in two different parts, instead of having the hole be dependant on the line traces coming from the plasma cutter.

Here’s a video of what I’m trying to achieve, at about the 4:37 mark :
Has anyone looked into this yet ?

Thanks in advance.

Might be worth checking this out:

Also, you can right click the video to get a link to the specific time.

I’m assuming wolfenstien also did something similar, since actually cutting geometry would create a TON of tris to get cuts as round and smooth as Wolfenstein+this guy have.