Wolfenstein 3D Remake

Hello, i’m trying to remake the old wolfenstenin 3D from the 1993 with the unreal engine 4, so far i have created the first level and put in there all the assets and enemies, the Ai for the enemies only has a random patrol behavior, i will add the attack behavior later.

the level still need a lot of work, tweak lights, 3d animations and other many things.

but here is the first video, hope it like it and i will be glad to hear your opinions.

Love it! Really excited to see how far you go with it! If i had to critique one thing, I’d say that the barrel fire before it explodes is a bit much. maybe make it less bright/loud.

thanks Knobbynobbes, i will try to tweak the lights in the room, i think the intensity of the point light is a bit high and mess with the light from the fire when it starts burning.

thanks for your tip, i will try to fix it for the next video release.

Hey Daimaku,

Great work so far. Brings back of a lot of memories. Can’t wait to see updates and the finished product!

Look good but there are a couple of things I noticed, it seems alot of the brick walls in the level are rotated on there side which is leading to noticeable tiling, I noticed it alot on the walls in the room at 0:24 and another room at 0:54 seconds. Also due to the pause on entering the trigger to when the door opens the player spends a second or so staring at the door, as such if you have the ability it might be worth trying to up the resolution of the door texture, as it is frequently seen from very close up.

That looks great!

thanks for the tips purkie103, i need to work on base material to avoid the bad tiling and for the door texture i will try to find a better texture for the door on cgtextures.

Great stuff, and it brings back old memories! The shiny surfaces remind me that Wolfenstein 3D’s floors were untextured. I bet it would be easy to create an in-game level editor where the player can toggle blocks on/off in front of him and change their textures…

hi, here is a quick video to keep update the project, the enemy sensing the player and the player attacking the enemy.

this video shows the entire first level of the wolfenstein 3d remake with all the decoration assets, pickups and ai working (soldiers and dogs). at the moment the game can register the enemy’s damage to the player but for testing purposes the player is not dying, this behavior is for easy test the entire level avoiding the continuous restart from the begining when the player is killed by any enemy.

The glossy floor and door material were changed and i have tweaked a little bit the lights.

How are you allowed to do a Wolfenstein remake without adhering to copyright laws? i also want to do a remake of Wolfenstein 3d but no one will answer me on any forum on how to avoid getting sued.

In my understanding, you give credits to the copyright holders. And you make $0 from your remake. I’m sure there is more, but if you follow those two rules you should be ok.

Also… good job on the remake! Can’t wait to see more.

This is really cool, hope to see more.

It’s still illegal either way without getting permission, but the copyright holder might not do anything about it.

This is correct. For example, Hasbro shuns almost everything you do with My Little Pony, regardless of your work being free or not.

I don’t think this project would be problematic though. Just personal opinion. Good luck, looking cute. ^^