Wolfenstein 3D Remake

hello, after a long period of very busy time, i want to re-start to work on my hobby project “Wolfenstein 3D Remake”.

i started this project back in 2014, but my computer hard disk crashed on 2015 and i lost all the project and source files, i halted the project but i want to re-start the project again to add it to my portfolio of remake games.

this is the website of the project (http://wolfenstein3dremake.blogspot.com/) is still online with the updates from 2014 and 2015

here are some pictures from the project:

wolf7.jpg wolf4.jpg

please take in consideration that i’m a programmer guy and these pictures and videos are from one solo man journey.

the open positions for the people who wants to get on the project and add it to his/her portfolio are:

  1. 3d artist (character / props)
  2. 3d animator (if no one sign in, i will use an animation pack from the marketplace)
  3. graphic designer (already one on board but i can used another one)
  4. programmer guy filled by me, but if someone want to join i can used another one.

i will try to use the music and sounds from the original game. so for the moment no sound guy be needed.

i have bought some packages from the marketplace to speed up the development (menu, ai, mixamo retargeting plugin, object pool)

so if you want to get involved on this project to learn and add it to your portfolio, just write on this post or send a pm to me. :slight_smile: