WM70 Hunting/Sniper Rifle - Free Download

Today I’m sharing my 3d rifle with the community. It is not 100% game ready as the asset is missing a rig and animations, but it is possible to add. So this is just a static mesh for the time being, it comes with 4k textures, ammo, the rifle and a scope. The download also comes with the Blender project file, so it should be fairly easy to modify the asset. Feel free to use it however you want to, just don’t sell the pack on its own (this should be common sense). If you have a cool use for it in your project(s), then it would be awesome if you posted images :smiley:

Download Link: WM70
Youtube Link:

that what i was looking for!!!

Glad I could help :slight_smile:

Thnx man you’re really so cool