WM to UE4 Tiled World

ARGH! This is maddening. I’ve just exported a simple terrain.

Advanced perlin >> Channelled erosion >> Coastal Erosion >> None Channelled Erosion.
Didn’t Flip on the Y axis or use a flipper node, blending was set to 0 and it worked perfectly. Granted… I had to move the tiles around with the world composition tool in UE. But it worked.

So, after a break. I sat down to look at this some more.

Using any form of flipper is pointless.
If you flip the export on the Y axis, yes, it will import connected properly, but of course the entire landscape will be flipped. You can remedy this by using a flipper node, but then youre back to where you started, having to peice the landscape back together in the world composition tool.

Blending when using a flip node also completely screws everything up. Any amount of blending will often alter the terrains elevation to something unrecognisable.

So. What I need to know is, what script should I use for renaming the outputs from World Machine? file_x02_y02.bmp is the format it uses. Does anyone know how i could batch rename them to import correctly to UE4?

Is there any chance changing the Naming String within world machine would fix it? Currently its “_x%x_y%y”

Any ideas how I could fix this? Cheers everyone. Much appreciated!

OK. Some progress!

16x16 km map. 1m per pixel, 1009x1009 tiles.

No flipping on the Y axis. No flip nodes.
Erosion and 100% blending.
Total elevation of 2048m

All I did was run the output files through a batch re-namer.


Needs the y coordinates reversing. I was able to do this by manually entering replace y00 with y15, y01 with y14 and so on.

This wasn’t too time consuming on a 16x16 landscape, but for much bigger maps this will be a massive chore. Still looking for a better way to do it.

Thank you for the resolution. I’ll see if I can include a renamer function in my WM VB tool and implement it.

Sounds awesome.

Just curious, what is the purpose of the WM folder generator?

Hello Thorax. I saw you had quite a fight with World Machine around forums. May i contact you via mail for some questions about tiled worlds?