WITHOUT TIMELINES. Is it possible to turn the speed from a finterp to a duration?

Is it possible to calculate the speed to a duration, for example using a finterp node I want it to last x seconds. If so how may I achieve this? NOT WITH TIMELINES, I’m using this for a blueprint that doesn’t support timelines. Thanks

To interpolate between values 1 to 5 over Duration seconds:

Alternatively, rather than fInterp, you could take advantage of the Ease node here:


More flexibility.

For even more control, create your own curve and sample it during Tick.

Wow! But how would I do this in a function? I need it to interp a number inside a textblock which is binded to a function. For example, Lets say I’ve stored an ammo variable inside the player actor, I want to interp a integer to the value and display it on the textblock. I’ve tried setting it up like this but I can’t seem to get the interpolation to interpolate. I would use a curve which sounds more easier but I have no idea what the value is I’m interpolating to and I have no idea if you can change the curve values using blueprints.

I changed map unclamped to clamp but now i get -inf

Thanks for your answer it worked pretty well, The timer and with the map was pretty much it, no interp needed

Thanks for your answer it worked pretty well, The timer and with the map was pretty much it, no interp needed

I know you’ve solved the issue by writing the result of the interpolation to a variable and then reading it in a function. And this will work quite nicely, ofc but for whoever else reading this, here’s a couple more methods:

  • you can set the value of the Text Box directly, without the need for another function:

  • may not be be applicable often, but one can use a Timeline to modify the content of a widget from the outside:

  • use widget animation, but instead of animating something, use the anim length to interpolate value. This also gives you access to a full sequencer with events and repeaters.

This allows for complex behaviours.

  • and sampling an external curve is also an option. In this case, you’d use the curve as an alpha only rather than have it carry value.

Unclamped allows you to exceed the values.


Max range is 5, I’m feeding it 10, it will spit out 14 on the other end. It’s a neat & flexible way to work with ratios or percentages when you do not really know the values upfront.

FYI I already fixed the problem, I realized the out values were not 0 and 1 so the lerp didn’t work.

Thanks for listing other solutions, when I ever need to do something like this again, I’ll most likely go with the widget animations. Although, how would one exit the length and the key values outside of a timeline? I’m not very experienced with timelines.