Without manually compiling - Can't Save Blueprint (Referenced in /Engine/transient)

Hey Team,

I am attempting to move widgets to reformat our project’s folder structure within UE4 but they are imploding even when moved 1-by-1. They drop variable types, functions and create weird circular compile issues. I am presuming this is due to the transient errors I get when the blueprints attempt to redirect.

I ran into the common transient (here and here) bug in 4.9 and it has continued into 4.10. My work-around
was to manually recompile widgets with saving issues, with save-on-compile set. This has been acceptable (but taxing, not being able to use Ctrl-S) but that isn’t possible when moving widgets. This means I actually cannot move my widgets without breaking them entirely.

Was a solution ever found? Or was the cause (circular dependencies afaik) nailed down so I can check/remove any instances of that in my UMG widgets. My widgets are all extremely generic so avoiding circular referencing will be a mammoth task.


For whatever its worth:

I’ve struggled with this bug and lost my work multiple times. My problem was manifesting randomly after moving some assets around. Even after fixing up redirectors and restarting editor it would randomly fail to save.

The solution in my case was to:

  1. open the BP that was failing to save
  2. From top menu do File->Refresh all nodes
  3. Done

After losing my work N amount of times I am finally able to save it. I hope this helps someone.