Within The Forest: An Indie Horror Game

Hello there Unreal Engine community, I just thought I would talk about my game that I currently have in early development :slight_smile:

"Within The Forest is an indie horror game in which you take the role of Andrew, a 14 year old who’s best friend, who 3 months prior to the game, went missing while visiting the local wooded/ park in the area. After a lengthy investigation, with little to no evidence, the police dropped the case, closed off the park from the public, for fear of what might happen to other residents who enter. Andrew, struck with grief, refuses to believe his best friend is dead, and sneaks into the abandoned park, to look for clues himself

Armed with a camcorder for evidence, and a flashlight if it gets dark, you, playing the role of Andrew, at first, tries to look for any clues possible to find out what really happened to your missing friend… but the objective changes quiet quickly as you soon figure out, that something, dark and ominous, has been following you, since the moment you entered

Will you survive? Will you find out what really happened? What dark secrets, will you unravel about this forgotten place?"

Link to gamejolt page: http://gamejolt.com/games/within-the-forest-demo/73965

Wow, this sounds pretty good! :slight_smile:

Maybe within the forest could be crazy ai creatures like slender man and giant spiders?? Idk just an idea

Thanks man, i will try my best to make it good :slight_smile:

Funny enough, the game was originally going to start off as a Slender related game, but i thought that I should try something different and make my own original story/ characters :wink:

Slender is super creepy… guess that’s the point!