Within Shadow Veil - adventure, story driven game.

Within Shadow Veil is an adventure, story driven game and I’m glad to reveal it’s first teaser! And to showcase some of the characters as well.


Character concept art was done by Ekaterina Mikhailova.

Storyline intro:

Young lady found herself in the deep shadows on the seashore after the shipwreck. A thin flow of a golden light bleeds from her wounded hand…

Core gameplay:

~70% 3rd person adventure with puzzles, realtime tactical battles
~30% 2d platformer with big accent on action


Medieval times with a pinch of steampunk. In few words - combination of witcher 3 and dishonored.

Map structure will be more or less similar to old PC1 game “Medievil”. Not open world, but player can travel back and forth between levels. New areas, hidden spots will be unavailable until you’ll get necessary skills or objects - some sort of Metroidvania.

Hope you like it! I’ll be glad to hear your thoughts!

No one commenting on this? This looks amazing! Definitely would like to see a little gameplay teaser or something to get a better feeling for what it is going to be like, but other than that this looks great! Keep up the good work!