With Viewport locked to actor, realeasing ALT after using ALT+LMB causes location jump

Newb using 4.4.2

With the viewport locked to a point light when you use ALT+LMB the viewport camera and the point light get separated. When you release ALT, they get locked again, however the point light’s position has now jumped (I haven’t been able to figure out the significance of the point it jumps to).

This isn’t horrible when “you” (the point light) are close to the object providing the vertex for the ALT+LMB “spin”.

However, if “you” are out in space, spinning around the room you are building, the jump is significant and you end up staring at nearly blank sky. You can use ALT+LMB to find your room again, but when you do, and you release ALT the jump is even bigger–more blank sky.

At this point selecting an actor from the Scene Outliner and using the F key will not work unless you unlock and do it–which of course means you’ve just littered space with a point light.

Is there a way to prevent this jump?

Thanks for any info!

Hey BBartonW-

Thanks for your report. I’ve been able to reproduce this internally and have submitted this bug to our tracking systemfor further investigation.