With such low quality reflections? Can we learn from Omniverse?

Guys, have you seen the amazing RayTracing quality in Omniverse? almost perfect and fast GI, reflection, shadow and caustic with very simple settings, everything is what they look like in real world, realistic and naturally. I firmly believe that the design trend of software is ease of use, not like UE, there’re tooooooo many adjustment options and console commands, they drive people crazy sometimes. Believe me, after you play omniverse, you won’t be moved by Lumen at all. Nvidia’s technological prowess is obviously much stronger than EPIC, In UE5, the reflection quality of Lumen is not even as good as RT :rofl:. You know that RT is a product of 3 years ago, this is totally retrogression of technology!

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Seems like you’re trying to shill Omniverse from the way this post is written.

Just true reflection of me after playing omniverse, I’m little bit radical, but who doesn’t want to make UE better?


I am agree with you , lumen is really beautiful and incredible for organic and matte material.

I use unreal for industrial and jewellery production , and unfortunately the quality on reflection with shiny and polished material in lumen is almost unusable even if you push quality to 4 (magic mumber).

So I am little afraid when I see the raytracing is depreciate for the unreal 5

Wish I could actually buy an RTX card

In every single video made by Epic they say that Lumen is not productiin ready and that it works incorrectly with transparency…

So comparing unfinished alpha versions with something else seems to be weired.

And by bashing ue5 you don’t improve anything. You simply only bash.