With EVE: Valkyrie announcement, can we have a non-landscape (space) example

Since CCP have announced that EVE: Valkyrie will use UE4 - it would be great to see a blueprint basic example of something like this (i.e. flying a spaceship around with no landscape - maybe some basic environments like an asteroid field?)

Edit: I should say not a VR example specifically, but rather how you could control something in a 3D space

im working on a das boot in space :wink:

Yeah… I know we have a Flying Game Template, but one for full space combat would be great.

I wonder how Unreal II’s content would fair on UE4 :cool:

Why wonder:
Granted more like UE 2.5ish but there ya go.

Just remove ground, make flying object rotate and and add velocity to point of faceing

So you are asking EPIC to make a game for you? What’s next? You will see an RPG game that uses UE4 and will ask for that as well?