With a 2000 dollar budget, any suggestions on PC?

What would be a great PC to get for Unreal 4 Engine development in the 2000 - 2500 dollar price range (without monitor)

I’d recommend and Nvidia card which is at least a gtx 760 and an Intel i7 6 core processor. Unless you’ll be doing CGI simulations you really don’t need any more than 16GB of RAM. A large SSD would also be a good idea, around 480GB so you have enough storage for all of your programs and not have to worry about running out of space.

If you don’t have a decent monitor the Benq and Asus 1440p’s are coming down in price so I’d definitely get one.

Thanks, I ended up being able to build a machine in my price range that had which included those components. If you don’t mind, could you let me know which Benq and Asus models you are referring too ?

The Asus PB278q and Benq BL2710PT. They are both 27" and 1440p but the ASUS is a TN panel if that is an issue for you.

I have both and can say they are both beautiful panels and under £500.

I just checked the amazon USA store and they have a sale on the ASUS monitor at $489 instead of $709