I think it would be beneficial if the marketplace were to have a “wish list” feature. Just a way to save a list of things you are interested in but may not purchase for some time. I believe this feature would be worth the cost of development as it would allow a deferred process of discoverability in that a user may be reminded of an item and then pick it up via their wishlist page.

The Unity asset store offers a similar feature and I believe it has a place in Unreal as well.

It would be very handy indeed! Good way to keep track of what you like and want, without having to search for it again later!

I made this suggestion several times, I really want this feature, idk why they haven’t added it yet. It would REALLY help me keep track of all the items I want to buy.

I was just about to make a post to suggest the exact same thing! With the rate the marketplace is growing, this feature is a necessity.

Going to bump this once and then let it go after that if this isn’t something they want. Just thought it would be a useful and not too taxing thing to implement :slight_smile:

Twitch livestream today includes talk about the marketplace, maybe we’ll hear about a wishlist feature :slight_smile:

Please make a wishlist feature. There are so many great items I want to buy, but I always forget the names and objects.

Meanwhile I just use the “Add to Cart” option as wishlist and use the “Buy now” button when I want to buy something.