Wise Old Wizard Animated Character in Unreal format, just $4 for the first lucky 50


The Old Wise Wizard for Unreal Engine 4

Wise, Powerful and very very old. Trained in the greart of Old World Wizardry.
Character has over 35 animations, all set up in Ue4 and provided as UE assets.

Pack is supplied with project files for Unreal 4, with materials, shaders,
and animatons all setup for ease of use. No need for any conversion by
yourself to use this product!!! What you see in the Unreal Promo Pictures above, is what you will
see in Unreal with all Shaders setup including Normal, Specular, Gloss, Ambient Occlusion.

To purchase this product for use in Unreal Engine, its imperative you
own an Unreal 4 Engine license.

Product Page at just $10

Thankyou for the kind words in emails about us converting our models to unreal format, and also support on this release