Wireshape - The 3D Scanned Assets Stock is Looking for Private Beta Testers

Wireshape is currently in private beta stage and selecting participants. So, if you want to be one of the first to test pre-release products, offer your feedback, get gifts and special discounts, request an invite to beta here: Wireshape

Created for provide a high quality web stock of 3D scanned models for extreme closeups, Wireshape arrived to become a fast and accurate solution for customers who need high-fidelity 3D data.

looks awesome!

unfortunately I don’t have time to apply for the beta at the moment (I’d be of no use to you), but I’m really interested in this for later projects.
I looked at your website and I couldn’t get a grasp of how it will work, i.e. what will be your business model. is there any info on that yet?

Hi Chosker,

I’m glad that you liked it!

Wireshape Stock is a growing online stock of rich in details 3d scanned assets. Our ideal is for customers to have quick and transparent access to our clean and ready-to-use assets in main industry formats.

So in a few minutes these 3D assets may already be in your projects. And at this beta stage, we are looking to see how this will work in real-world productions. So we’re really looking forward to hearing from you guys, because it’s a user-to-user project!


Hi guys,

Good news!

Wireshape is offering $50 in credits towards the purchase of scanned models to anyone accepted as a beta tester:

I always wondered what kind of equipment was needed for 3d scanning. Could you elaborate on your product/services? The video of the scanned model looks amazing though. Really nice.