Wireless VR 2.0

Hello everyone,

This thread is to show what I’ve been working on lately.

Four months ago I developed the original idea using the GearVR, a S7 Edge and a mocap suit.

This new version use a VR Backpack in order to get all the nVidia GTX 1070 power to achieve a great visual polish



Wow holy ****!

That is pretty slick. Seems familiar to how The Void does it. But I think they used custom hardware and software builds. I like your integration a lot!

Thanks :slight_smile:

The concept is similar to The Void, but the tech behind is different, mostly because they’re using optical tracking for handling the movement inside the VR world, while I’m using a gyroscope-based mocap suit, which does track the entire body ( fingers included ) but isn’t as precise as the optical system.

What I’m currently doing is a 1:1 calibration of the character based on the the real person who’s using, so that the movement match 1:1 meaning that the movement and interactivity is more precise.

Developing something like they did costs A LOT of money ( and their system id very expensive ), both in hardware and RnD, while the system I developed is not that expensive and do not rely on custom hardware.

Next video ( in a month or so ) will show the many use of this setup ( sword gameplay, shooting gameplay, architectural visualization, interactive movies, and so on ).