Wireless Genlock in ICVFX (In Camera Virtual Production)

Hello! I’ve been tasked with helping my company to build out a virtual production studio. So far a lot of the hardware pieces are falling into place nicely. The only thing I am struggling to grasp is wireless genlock. A lot of professionals say it’s not possible, yet I know it is from the Unreal Documentation here:

Under “Sync Generators” it describes using an Ambient Lockit device to wirelessly connect to a Master Signal Pulse Generator, such as one by Aja or Evertz…

So here’s my question: How do they get the Master Signal Pulse Generator and the Lockit Sync device on camera to talk to eachother? As far as I can tell, the Lockit needs to see a channel frequency, but none of these Master Generators output any kind of signal like that. Am I missing something?

Thank you very much to the knowledgeable people here.

You just need a pair of lokits, one acting as Tx and one as Rx. Check their documentation

Thank hoejeon, that’s not really what I meant, but thank you for the reply.

I’ve discovered the answer for a mixed wireless/wired system is to used a Composite Digital Amplifier to split the signal out from a Lockit to many wired ports while maintaining the ability for other Lockits to talk directly to the Master lockit.

Another option instead of a Digital Amplifier is to use the master lockit as the input signal into something like an Evertz Master SPG, so the Evertz re-echoes the Genlock signal. This method has the advantage of allowing Phase shift in the sync incase of micro desync between wired and wireless.

I hope this is helpful for others in the future :slight_smile:

Glad it worked out,
I replied in a hurry but you are right, in my studio we use a lockit that feeds a genlock distribution amp via BNC, and is set to master ACN and then as many ACN slaves unit as you need .