Wireless connecting...

Many times i want to connect multiple ends of a process to a specific node to continue from there (for compact reasons obviously) but i cant fill the entire blueprint with very long distance wires… That would be visually awful. Which forces most of us to create custom events… Which is awful in another way. (sorry, this is hard to explain*)

So the whole idea is… what about being able to right click on the Beginning of a wire (connection) or the End… and then have an option called Hide Wire which would simply set the wire’s opacity to be 0% until set otherwise. And ofc we would also need a sign on the output and input of these 2 nodes that there is an invisible connection. Also… the wire’s opacity should become more than 0% when the input or output are hovered.

Then there would need to be an option in the View Tab (top menu buttons) called 'Show All Invisible Wires’

That’s bad idea. You always need to consider that you write a code that gonna be edited by other people, including your future self.
Hiding that vital information would seriously hurt code readability.

There’s nothing wrong with using custom events, functions or macros for reusable bits of code. Actually you should make a habit of that. Making huge spaghetti in blueprint’s graph isn’t exactly the best practice :wink:

Epic are unlikely to add this anytime soon, but maybe you can add your request to this thread… Not against this as long as its just a View option and OFF by default. I’ve requested similar things before such as hiding Converter nodes or shrinking the space occupied by commonly used nodes such as Sequence / Delay / Branch etc.

But overall maybe you just need to get more comfortable with BP. For starters have you experimented with the Spline Curve options in Editor / Project settings? Setting these to straight lines, or taking out some of the heavy arcing, makes for cleaner code imho… Also breaking code up into sub-blueprints simplifies things too. But try harder to explain the part that’s ‘hard to explain’, otherwise no one can really help you…

If you need long wires you’re probably doing something wrong. Try to implement things in functions instead.

There’s no need for any long wires if you structure your ‘code’ in a clean way. For example, you can fragment your logic into properly named functions + instead of tons of wires & reroute nodes, consider using local variables. It’s even more efficient recently, because you can get local variables inside functions (function inputs) without manually setting them at the beginning. This way you rarely need to cross wires or lay them over long distances.