Wireframe view mode gives all-black screen in packaged games

I have been adding r.ForceDebugViewModes=1 to DefaultEngine.ini to give options of using alternate view modes in packaged games. But I noticed that some of my recently packaged games don’t get wireframe mode. Pressing F1 will give an all-black screen instead of the wireframe model. The console command viewmode wireframe gives the same black screen. It seems that the problem started with UE 4.22 but I am not very sure. Did anyone experience the same issue or happen to know the cause? Thanks a lot!

Could it depend on the way you packaged? EI - a shipping build differs from a dev build and doesn’t contain all the same shaders for debugging that are built into the engie? (think all the other view modes).

All other view modes work fine. Only Wireframe mode is broken. That is what confused me. BTW, what is the difference between a shipping build and a dev build? I think I never built game differently.

For one, restricted access to console interface and commands. But they also remove other things from it making the package a little lighter.