Wipe'em out - Alpha Released [GoogleVR Game (stereo off)]


I released a kind of VR game on google play store just a few days ago.

Lately, I was working on PizzaboyVR, a game I’m planning to ship on Steam and the Oculus Store, and while playing around with some VR settings on androids, I found out about the possibility of executing the command stereo off to switch off stereo (that is why I said kind of VR game).

The result is that you can control the camera rotation just by moving your device, so I thought to myself that this could be some fantastic premise for a mobile game. With merely two days of development I put together this small game that I then called Wipe’em out, you can check what the gameplay looks like in the video below.

The game is merely at an Alpha stage I would say since it lacks many basic functionalities that I’m planning to add in the upcoming months. For the latter reason, I called the game “Wipe’em out - Alpha” on google play.

So why am I sharing this? I made the game for a few reasons. The first being I wanted to get something I made published just for mere personal satisfaction. The second being I wanted to prove that Unreal Engine can be used to make android games despite what the majority of people say. Lastly, I wanted this to be a kind of demonstration that indie developers can indeed produce compelling content (or at least, so I hope) and that the resources are available if well researched. Indie developers (myself absolutely included) should really try to keep it straightforward and realistic when it comes to their projects.

Regarding the assets, the map comes from the marketplace called “Stylized Low Poly Environment by MacKenzie Shirk” for just £7.75, the zombies and the animations come from and finally, the Front Loader (the gun) comes from Unity’s marketplace (free content).

Finally, I’d appreciate if you guys would let me know what you think about the game from any point of view :wink: