[WIP] ZeroG (0-G) Star Citizen fan game

Simply felt like working on something awesome, so why not something inspired by Star Citizen.

I’m a 23 Year old Indie GameDev, and mainly do prob and Environment art.

this Project will be WIP I will post updates from time to time, feel free to give any Advice and cool ideas.
the project is just for fun and to add something new to my Portfolio.

(Current) Ver 1.3.1

-added Turrets.

-added Health to all enemy AI

Download Link:

Download:ZeroG on IndieDB


-Added Dragonfly Vehicle.

-Added Enemy AI(Careful danger is lurking in the Asteroid field.)

-Ship rotation is now using torque for a more Realistic feel.

-Changed the Atmosphere of the Planet.

ver 1.2

-Added Asteroid Field.

-Added door to the Station.

-Changed distance from the Station to the Ground.

ver. 1.1

-Added Terrain Texture.

-added Velocity Meter to ships.

-added First block out of an underground base.

-Changed light rendering.

ver. 1.0

-Basic Layout of “Port Olisar”
-Interactable ships.
-Basic Planet.
-ZeroG/Gmode by pressing G you will switch between those, I’m working on a system which will allow you to walk on walls and ceilings.

-In planning.
-adding gravity to the Planet.
-adding Aerodynamics while in Atmosphere.
-Make the Project Compatible for Multiplayer, always fun to play something together.


WASD Normal Walking.

Shift Sprinting/Boost.

Space to Jump.

G to switch between 0G and G mode.

Q or E to roll while in 0G mode or in ships.

R to interact with ships and doors.