WIP - Where Knights Will Fall. PC

Hi everyone, I’ve been working on a small prototype RPG game since early this January 2016, and would like to share it with you guys, the community!.

It’s not much for now, but I guess a little early introduction would do no harm. :smiley:

Currently, I’m focusing on the gameplay/mechanics. More will come for sure, if you liked it, thanks! do follow me on twitter.com/tzenku to be updated.

Interesting! I like what I see. The clean simplistic HUD that you have for now is great. The numbers by the characters was a good call.

@MarkusLappalaine , Thanks, and glad you liked it! The HUD design is still in wip too, there’s still need to add some kind of stamina indicator and skills cooldown, but yes, I really would like to keep it clean and simple overall. Thanks!

Very nice. Are you using art assets from the Marketplace?

@Rhynedahll , Yes, Most of it are from Epic’s generous amazing assets available free on the marketplace, which are totally awesome. - Thanks!