[wip] Wheelz2 (Physics Bike game) - now in Early Access!

Early days (still?) - but just become available on steam early access: Wheelz2 on Steam

Intending to be sequal to wheelz (similar to trials, xmoto, elastomania), but in real 3D.
The game has taken a bit of a turn more towards speed, and local/online multiplayer :slight_smile:

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(old video) UE4 Bike Test 6 (Wheelz 2) - YouTube

(older video) UE4 Bike Test 4 - YouTube

(oldest video!) UE4 bike test - YouTube

The core concept is to have a well physicually simulated bike, with control over applying force to the bikes rotation (6dof) and engine output.
It’s going well, already satisfying and fun to pull off a decent flip, or recover from a mistake. Still need to improve the controls quite a bit though - currently using keyboard for testing, I’ll be switching to a gamepad as primary focus soon.

Actually, while I am here, a quick TODO list:
-Improved controls
-A decent collection of levels
-online high scores
-online multiplayer
-mod support (or at least 3rd-party level support)
-nice graphics (bike and levels)
-alter UE4 terrain segment connection, or wheel collision response
-an unlimited number of other tweaks and whatnot :wink:

Happy to upload a binary or HTML version if desired!

Feedback, ideas, criticism of any kind all extremely welcome

looks good cant wait to see where it goes


Thanks Simon! (the purple dolphin? :D)

DENT looks rather impressive too! It, along with the bike assets on the market, is now on my wishlist of things to pick up after spending some more time with UE4

updated video here:

Also added to the original post

Lots of work gone into this new update!

Some major new features include:

-more tweaking of controls
-more stability & speed
-slow-mo crash & finish
-lots of new testing levels
-improved materials
-smoke-clouds out of back wheel
-engine sounds

It’s getting to a point where I am forgetting I am testing, instead finish the level, and play it again, trying to beat my own time! I’ll have to get high-scores and whatnot in soon :smiley:

Another update:

Some major features here are:
-hand/foot IK, and body motion based on input (already outdated, added momentum force to rider while the video was uploading)
-bike overhaul, separate front model, correct steering->suspension joint order
-balance based on ground normal, not world Z (can now do loops)
-steering affected by suspension compression
-mountains of tweaks
-few new levels

A couple of new levels:

along with these are also a few tweaks, most notable perhaps is momentum being applied to the riders body

Another new video:

main change here (other than the level with a wall of firey lava doom) is probably changing the bikes headlight to Linear, making it much further reaching

The networking is just BP for now. Thanks to Rama for inspiration! ( [Video] Player-Controlled Replicating Physics Movement, Simulating Physics! - C++ Gameplay Programming - Unreal Engine Forums! )

Just to be clear - this is totally server-authorative, but the client runs the full sim, has information on all players current actions, and pulls them (gently) towards where they should be - the only time this seems problematic is when ping is >~200 or if a player hits an object that is not net synced! (which in a real level, there should probably not be any)
Not sure if I demoed it in the video, but there is a “jump” button, which works correctly.

After trying using the default replication system, I must say, I understand and share in Ramas happiness at being able to interact well over a network!

There is still lots of room for improvement - but I think this will now mostly become a side task, while working on other things

Woo! Game now available in early access :slight_smile: Find it here Wheelz2 on Steam

wheelz2roofdrop.jpg I’ve updated the first post with a video