[WIP] W.O.K Wolf Online Kingdom

Hi everyone,

I am working on WOK and I will post here the updates. Yesterday we got 9th at IndieDB so the game is apparently appealing.

W.O.K is a very special world, it is an Island that is huge, with its social system and a real economy based on a crypto (FRANC) https://franc.eu.com

It is both a game with an adventure, the history of the island etc… but also it is a persistent virtual world where people can meet, have a business, talk and have a second life.

I have made a White paper to explain what W.O.K will be, the link is in the menus.


Please follow this project!

Try the Video: https://youtu.be/IwklLCR30OE![]
A playable demo is available for all my Patreon (link on the website)