[WIP] Voxel Editor for Unreal Editor

My current challenge to myself is to build a voxel editor in the unreal editor that will allow me to (hopefully) create meshes and collisions that I can use in games I create in the future. Here is my current progress:

Update: 08/24/2014

I think this will be the last update I post unless someone wants me to continue in the future. Creating an editor tool was a bit challenging at first, but after you get a handle on the framework, things can come together quickly! I now have the ability to edit my voxel models all I want and use them in game!

  • Challenge completed!
  • Adding, subtracting, and coloring voxels now works.
  • Ability to select color works


Update: 08/21/2014


  • Added the ability to spawn a selector so when the user is doing an addition it will be visible.

Hopefully by the end of this weekend I’ll have some editing happening!


Created: 08/21/2014
Here what is working currently:

  • The ability to spawn the editor via the ‘Windows’ menu
  • Generating a mesh component from an array of voxel information
  • Generating a collision component which I have been able to register hit events against

Here is what I am planning for the near future:

  • The ability to edit the volume, which will include adding voxels, subtracting voxels, and coloring individual voxels
  • The ability to resize the the volume (though I might experiment with automatic resizing depending on how fast it can reallocate the array of voxel information)
  • Creating UI commands for the viewport and for the tabs I’ve created
  • Saving the volume to file/database

Since I’ve been using this as an educational exercise, if anyone has any questions about how to achieve something like this, I’d be happy to help with my pieced together knowledge.

I’ll update this thread with my progress as it comes!

Sounds really interesting, will definitely follow this project as you progress further.

Updated with progress in the first post.

No download link, TREASON! All jokes aside looks extremly interesting. Well Done!

Wow! Voxel terrains as next challenge? ^^

I’m doing a lot of stuff behind the scenes that isn’t very Unreal-y. If I could share without the dependencies I would!

bookmarked !
nice progress afuzzyllama, and good luck with the project :wink: