[WIP Victorian Hall

Finally got everything in place and I’m digging the lighting but it look like something is missing. Maybe more props? I put props on the floor like tools for plastering the wall in one of the screenies and tarp on the floor where the marble floor broken up in some places. I trying to make is look like there is some floor and wall repairs going on in the hallway area. Any other suggestion to make this any better? I’m open.

Any suggestions?

This for a personal project or will it be released one day for public use?

It’s personal

Hey that looks cool to me :wink:

Perhaps more contrast in the lighting would be nice

There is a lot out of scale. You should place a human figure in to see what i mean if you don’t get it thru the building.

Could you give me some examples?

Here’s a body for scale. Everything looks proportional too me.

This is pretty awesome! It looks great!

Hm… I may be wrong but I do also feel like there is something off with the scale in those new screens you posted. I mean, the size of the sofa, stairs, banisters,etc. looks alright relative to the character but the walls/arches/columns look too small IMO. Maybe also the ladders, too.

Hmmm. Well here’s my reference. Does anybody see something here I don’t?

I’m not smart with this stuff, so take it for what its worth… It looks awesome to me! And, it looks well composed.


Thanks dude!

@anonymous_user_2d3bc0e3: Do you know the name of that building you’re using as a reference? It would really help to see a picture with humans in it. Looking at your reference picture, it does look pretty similar to your screenshots, scale-wise, so maybe I’m wrong, like I said, but for some reason I can’t shake the feeling that it looks slightly off in those screens with the character model.

Also, comparing it to the reference, that one middle column with the granite pattern (the one that’s bigger in the reference pic) should be less rough/more shiny, whereas the bright column bases should be rougher. Compared to the reference, there also seems to be something off with your bright stone materials in general (bricks, arches, captials, etc). I would try making it rougher, making the albedo a bit brighter and giving it a slight yellowy tinge (if you are going for exactly the same look as your reference). The captials look sort of out of place ATM. The figures on them look really old and medieval, rather than Victorian, so I’d change those. What I do really like is the staircase with the stone banisters. That looks awesome :D!

I’ve been looking for this reference pic again on “location works” website but cannot find it. I thought it was a library in London. I’ll fix the other problems you mentioned. Thanks!

I found the location you used as a reference: Location 11941 - Itasca Locations | Itasca Locations
Of course, no pictures with people in them, though.

Cool I’ve been trying to find the rest of the pics for the longest. Thanks again!

I found some pics with people on the northampton guildhall facebook page

Ah, looks like I was wrong then :).

No problem dude and thanks for your input! :cool: