[WIP] Victorian city

Hello, my name is Sisco Garrido and I am starting my final project.

I am going to make an environment of a Victorian city, as a reference in the setting I will use the novels of Lovercraft and Allan Poe and also the Bloodborne game.

I will update this post with the progress of the project.

You are invited to comment on this project and to make constructive criticisms of it.

Thank you and I hope you like it.

Pitch and Environment blocking:





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Looking good so far!

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Second week of the project:

This week at Unreal I have completed and perfected the color distinction blocking for my main, secondary and mega scand support models.


This is the blocking of the first transport carriage

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Looking good so far!

The model of the small carriage with the bake in substance painter

Another type of carriage similar to the previous one but with lanterns, so that there is variety and the bloking of the main carriage that will add much more detail.

Advances Carriage

Finished and textured small carriages and Lighting testing for the environment

Asset hero finished and textured with new advancements in modular house modeling and the unreal scene

Progress in the project:

Textured modular house walls:

Asset hero carriage improved textures and emissive

Looking at the concept art, I was thinking “is that King’s Row from Overwatch?” :slight_smile:
I think they may have used the same reference photos!

I had not seen it, but I do not care if it looks like it at the end, hehehe. Thanks

Modular basic house and its textured modular parts


Progress of the week in the project

new previews this week

New update of the project Victorian City