[WIP][VFX] Looking for feedback and critique on my demo reel

Hi Unreal goers, my name is Travis and I’m a VFX artist hoping to get some feedback on my latest wip demo reel. Any feedback or critique on my reel’s composition, shots, order of effects, etc. as well and any feedback on the effects themselves would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance for your time, and have an Epic day!

  • Travis

PS, if anyone knows how I can embed YouTube or Vimeo videos into a post, that would be a huge help!

not one to critique often but 30secs of shields felt a little long…maybe speed those shots up a bit or chop off some of their time at the start and/or end of each shot to save some time…
But great work regardless…

also the film reel button above the message does the insert video…hover over them and it’ll say insert video…use that and it should work to put videos here…

For the effects with different variation or stages you might want to show one in full screen and then show the variations in a side by side view. This way it won’t feel as drawn out as President describes and you’ll convey the idea of variation in a better way, like a video wall does. You could also show series of effects that are related to build a little bit of a story and show your versatility.

I personally would add a little bit of music or sound effects + the fire looks a bit strange, because of the small “spark explosions” (make them smaller and randomly spawn them over the fire particle) :slight_smile:

Should definitely add some music, or some kind of sound. Keeps the watcher more engaged. I also agree with a previous poster about showing all the shield effects at once via a split screen. Each VFX lingers a little longer than necessary I think, could compact those to make room to add more variety of effects.

My personal opinion, but I think the ion cannon effect at the end is the best one, and you should always lead with your best!