[WIP] Untitled Project - Open World MMO [Horror Survival]

The New World

Release Date: TBA :diamonds: Genre: Adventure/Thriller/Horror/MMO :diamonds: Platform: PC/PS4 :diamonds: Website: TBA


In the year 2017 the united nations hosted a summit in Europe to discuss the substantial population growth, There was a treaty signed By all 193 countries that was formed in case of the population reaching over 11 billion people. The treaty explained how each country would have to humanly dispose of a sum percentage of there population, In 2023 the document was leaked causing wide spread panic, forcing the governments hand. The american government conducted tests on approx 800,000 Convicted killers using a drug called C11-Blue, This drug caused a chemical reaction effectivley shutting down certain areas of the brain… causing the test subjects to be “Zombified” by 2025 the government had collapsed.

You play a survivor who is now living amoung this post apocaliptic world, The infected are all over the globe, but they are not the biggest threat, Wide spread looters and criminals run around like lunatics. There is no regard for human life anymore. The only thing you can do is survive, Welcome to the New World.

Planned Features:


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Coming Soon

I am Looking for team members to join the team, if you have any skills related to game development just leave a reply with your skype or other means of contact


Update #1
-Login added
-Register added
-Multiplayer working

Hey, the features sound great! I’ve always desired an open world game that is driven by an inspiring narrative. I have a few questions though: Are you skilled enough to work on these features? where do you plan of receiving the funding for this? Send me a private message if it’s easier for you.

Currently I am an engineering student right now but not with computers, Aerospace however since i was 8 I enjoyed programming it has been web Dev mainly though. Im a quick learner and I have money Saved, I recently baught the MMO Kit for sale by CodeSpartan as my base